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Buy to let insurance houseWe are an insurance broker based in Essex and offer instant online quotes for buy to let insurance for properties in the UK. We have been providing insurance for buy to let properties for many years and have put in place systems to provide extremely competitive quotations from a panel of insurers online. The benefit of using an insurance broker is that we can save you hours of time and hundreds of pounds of money by providing quotes from several insurers at once and ultimately as a landlord you do not have time to waste searching for cheap buy to let insurance so let us do all the hard work for you!

The insurance industry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which offers an extra level of protection to you should you ever feel you have been treated unfairly by the insurer. For the peace of mind and safety of our client we will only ever place your let property insurance with an insurance company which is appropriately authorised and regulated. Any reponsible landlord would want to make sure their property is insured with a respectable insurer which is why we make use of well known solid insurers to provide you with peace of mind.

As you will know, insurers will all quote differently depending on how high risk they consider the area your property is located in, there base rates and such like which is why we provide instant online quotes from a panel of insurers to make sure you pay a low competitive premium and obtain cover which meets your requirements.

Let building cover

We have gone to great efforts to make sure we supply competitive quotes from respectable insurers which provide the comprehensive cover you would expect. Our buy to let building insurance policies generally provide the following cover as standard:

Peril Example
Fire A faulty electrical item such as a cooker could lead to a fire in the property wihch can cause huge amounts of damage.
Earthquake Earthquakes are not all that common in the UK at this moment in time but its still an important peril to insure your building against.
Lightning Lightning striking your property can cause damage to the roof which could then result in further damage by water if it was to rain.
Explosion A faulty household appliance such as a gas cooker could result in an explosion which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your property.
Flood The flood risk in the UK is becoming more apparent and the requirement for flood cover is becoming far greater. A flood can cause serious damage to contents and buildings.
Storm Storms can cause great damage to your let property, for instance causing damage to your tiled roof.
Subsidence Subsidence in a property can cause huge amounts of money to resolve, it is crucial to insure this peril.
Property owners liability If a tenant injures themselves on your property and holds you liable as a landlord then you could face huge legal and compensation costs.
Escape of water Escape of water, for example the tenant forgetting to stop a bath tap running can result in major damage to your ceilings.
Riot/Civil Commotion Riot and civil commotion can not only be very distressful for your tenants in the building but also the riot could result in your property being damaged.
Malicious Persons/Vandals Malicious damage and vandalism is a major problem for property owners and since you can't be at the property youself it is good to know you have cover in place to protect your interest.
Theft or attempted theft Theft damage to your building, for example a person forcing a PVC door open to get inside the property can cost huge amounts of money to repair or replace which is why its crucial to have cover in place to provide cover for your building.
Falling trees or branches While it may be an uncommon occurance for a tree to fall, when it does happen the damage can be extreme.
Falling Aerials/Satellite dishes Falling aerials can cause damage to your roof which can result in water damage if it rains.
Collision involving aircraft, vehicles or animals A vehicle loosing control and hitting your let building can cause huge amounts of damage to walls and such like.
Ground Heave/Land slip Ground heave and land slip may be a rare thing to occur but its important to have cover in place to protect your financial interest in the property.

Additional cover

We dont think it is fair that you should have to pay extra for additional cover on your policy which you would expect to be given as standard which is why provide the following cover as standard on our buy to let policies.

  • Accidental breakage of solar panels, fixed glass, ceramic hobs and sanitary fittings.
  • Accidental damage to underground services(for example a heavy vehicle parking on your let property drive and the weight causing damage to a waste pipe going to the public mains) which extend from your home to the public mains for which you are legally responsible.
  • Loss of rent or alternative accommodation upto a maximum of 20% of the building sum insured for a maximum period of 12 months. For example if there was a fire at the property and the tenant had to be housed elsewhere.

We understand that some let property owners want to insure their building against any accidental damage caused by the tenant (for example if they were to go into the loft and accidently put their foot through the ceiling. When providing quotations we can usually provide accidental damage cover for the building for a very slight increase in premium from standard cover. Sincce the difference in price between standard cover and accidental damage cover is so small we recommend you opt for the increased cover where possible.

Buy to let insurance

When arranging your buy to let building insurance it is important to remember that you should be insuring the property for the rebuild value and not the sale price which you will find is usually much higher(although not always, e.g grade listed buildings may cost more to rebuild/repair than the sale price). If the worst was to happen, for example flood which caused so much damage to your property that it fell down then you would obviously still own the land and therefore the costs are the clearance of the area, rebuilding the property and such like but you wouldn't have to pay for the land since you already own it.

Re-instatement value

As a let property owner insuring your buildings you need to remember to insure the building for its re-instatement value and not the sale price, the only accurate way to obtain the re-instatement value is to have a full building survey performed by a professional. While there are websites online such as the ABI rebuild calculator which offer an indication to the rebuild value of your property they cannot guarantee accuracy and for this reason we advise against relying on such figures.

Let property owners liability 

Some property owners are put of the idea of being a landlord because of the threat of liability claims made against them, for instance if the tenant was to injure themselves within the property and then try hold the landlord liable for their injury which can result in thousands upon thousands of pounds of costs for legal expenses, compensation and such like. As standard our buy to let insurance policies provide £2,000,000 of let property owners liability which can provide some peace of mind. While a responsible landlord which obviously make an effort to avoid such claims by making sure the property is safe and regular maintenance is performed this part of your policy can provide a little peace of mind should the worse happen.

Online Quotation

  • Building Sum insured

There are several factors which can have an effect on the price of your let property insurance, one of the major factors is the building sum insured. For example you would usually pay a higher premium if you were to insure a building which would cost £100,000 to rebuild than a property which would cost £200,000 to rebuild since the risk of a higher payout increases for the insurer.

  • Location of risk property

The location of the property you have bought to let out can have an effect on the premium you pay, for example a property located in a troublesome london area may cost more to insure than a property located in a quiet sea-side town.


  • Tenant number and type

The type of tenant and number of tenants you have in the property may have an effect on the premium you will have to pay. For example some insurers may consider a property let to 4 unrelated DSS benefit recipients a higher risk than a property let to one professional person. Also student let poperties and asylum seeker let proerties may be considered a higher risk by some insurers.


  • The age of the risk property 

Some insurers we provide cover from may apply a discount based on the age of the property, for example a property built in 2005 may cost less to insure than a property built in 1920.

  •  Claims history

If you have made no claims on any properties in the last 3 years then you may find that you pay a lower premium than if you had made several high cost claims.


Policy Excess 

We understant that being a landlord carries enough stress as it is without the hassle of having to spend a fortune paying an excess if you needed to make a claim on your buy to let insurance which is why we provide policies with excesses starting from as little as £100 for all claims with the exception of a £1000 standard excess for subsidence.

Non Disclosure 

When arranging your insurance you must disclose any material fact which may effect the quotation, for example if you know the area your let property is located in has had flood issues in the past.