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Landlords liability insurance houseWe are a competitive insurance broker based in Southend-On-Sea offering instant online quotes for landlords insurance with cover including £2,000,000 property owners liability insurance as standard. We have been providing landlords insurance for many years and have specialist knowledge in this industry and have systems in place to provide extremely competitive quotations from several insurers at once. The benefit of using a broker is that we can save you alot of time and literally hundreds of pounds of money by providing quotations from a panel of insurers at once and ultimately as a landlord you do not have time to waste searching for cheap buy to let insurance so let us do all the hard work for you!

The insurance industry has been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since April 2013, which offers protection to the client should they ever feel that they have been treated unfairly by the insurer. For the peace of mind and protection of our clients we will only ever deal with insurers which are appropriately authorised and regulated. Any reponsible property owner would want to make sure their property is insured with a respectable insurer which is why we make use of well known solid insurers to provide you with peace of mind. As a broker we do offer business insurance which can be used to cover a wide range of different perils which you may encounter during the course of your life.

Insurers will rate a risk differently depending on how they consider the risk which is why we search a range of insurers to make sure you pay a competitive premium and obtain cover which meets your requirements.

Property owners liability

Many landlords live with the constant worry that their tenant may injure themselves within the let property and then hold the landlord liable for compensation.

Policy Excess 

We understant that being a landlord carries enough stress as it is without the hassle of having to spend a fortune paying an excess if you needed to make a claim on your buy to let insurance which is why we provide policies with excesses starting from as little as £100 for all claims with the exception of a £1000 standard excess for subsidence. If you are not a landlord but infact looking for a public liability insurance quote then we can also help you with this since we specialise in this area of insurance.

Non Disclosure 

When arranging your insurance you must disclose any material fact which may effect the quotation, for example if you know the area your let property is located in has had flood issues in the past.