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Public liability insurance houseWe are Ashburnham Insurance and specialise in cheap liability insurance for multiple different occupations ranging from a general builder to a professional working in an office. Public liability insurance is currently not legally compulsory but it is still highly recommended to provide protection against any third party injury or property damage you cause during the course of your occupation, for example if you were a decorator working within a property and left tools laying around which your customer then tripped over and injured themselves.

To obtain an online quote for liability insurance all you need to do is supply a few details about your activities, such as the main work you carry out each day and any claims history. You will have a choice of different levels of indemnity starting from £1,000,000 worth, generally if you are working for the council they will request a minimum of at least £5,000,000. The quoted premium will be heavily based on the amount of people you need to insure and whether you need cover for any employees which would come under employers liability insurance.

Public liability insurance

If you have any employees, irrelevant of how often they work for you then you legally must have liability insurance for employees which provides cover should your employee injure themselves whilst working under your direction and hold you liable for their injury. Most policies which provide cover for employees offer indemnity levels starting from £10,000,000 although current UK legislation states that the minimum required is only £5,000,000 worth.

This type of insurance should not be confused with property owners liability insurance which is a totally different type of insurance.