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Landlords contents insurance houseWe are a specialist landlord contents insurance broker offering instant online quotes from a panel of insurers to make sure you pay a low premium and get a comprehensive policy. Instead of having to search around online filling in forms and calling multiple insurers you can simply perform a quick quote on our website and get a quote from just £75!

In the best interest of our clients we will place cover only with insurers which are authorised and regulated. Whilst we will always look out for your best interest, the Financial Conduct Authority offer an extra level of protection as a client if you feel you have been treated unfairly by an insurer. As a responsible landlord you would want to make sure the contents of your property are insured by a respectable insurer which is why we will only ever place your landlords contents insurance with a well known, solid insurer.

Some areas will be considered a higher risk than others, for example it may cost more to insure the contents in your let property in an area which has a high theft crime rate than a a property located in a quiet, low crime area. We provide online quotations for contents insurance from several insurers to make sure you get a competitive quotation and cover that will meet your requirements, we provide full keyfacts of policies online so you can see what is and isn't covered by a policy before proceeding with any policy.

Contents cover

We have spent alot of time arranging suitable contracts with different insurers to make sure we can provide cover on the widest range of risks at low cost competitive prices.Generally out policies provide the following cover for your contents:

Peril Example
Fire A unsupervised candle could lead to a fire which could cause huge amounts of damage to contents such as carpets.
Earthquake An earthquake could cause shaking in the property resulting in damage to contents such as a fridge.
Lightning Lightning could strike your property and damage your roof which could lead to water escaping into the property and damaging carpets and electrical goods.
Explosion A faulty item such as a leaking gas cooker could result in an explosion which can damage huge amounts of contents.
Flood If the property floods then not only can electrical goods be damaged but also carpets, curtains and such like.
Storm Storms can cause great damage to the contents in your let property, for instance causing damage to your tiled roof which then led to water leaking into the property and damaging contents.
Property owners liability If a tenant injures themselves on your property and holds you liable as a landlord then you could face huge legal and compensation costs.
Escape of water Escape of water, for example if the tenant was to forget to turn off a tap could cause water to leak through a ceiling and damage electrical goods below.
Theft or attempted theft As a landlord you will want to insure your contents against theft since you cannot be at the property yourself.

Additional Contents Cover 

To provide great protection for landlords we place your contents insurance with insurers which provide additional cover which many other insurers would usually charge extra for, for example property owners liability on a contnts only insurance policy when placed with certain insurers. We do provide liability insurance seperately for those who maybe have other businesses such as painting and decorating and such like.

When insuring the contents of your let property it is important to remember that the policy will provide no cover for the landlords belongings within the property which are simply in the property for storage nor the contents owned by the tenant, for this the tenant would need their own home contents insurance policy. The policy will provide cover for the contents owned by the landlord which are in the property for use by the tenant; for example carpets, curtains and white goods. Generally a landlords contents insurance policy will not provide any cover for valuable items such as expensive vases.

Replacement value

When insuring the contents in your let property it is important to remember you must insure for the full replacement value. For example if you have £10,000 of contents in the property then you must insure for the full £10,000 and not just the amount you think could possibly be stolen or damaged in one incident.

Landlords contents insurance

Property owners liability 

With our contents only policies, under some circumstances we can provide property owners liability within the policy to the value of £2,000,000 to protect yourself against your tenant holding you liable for an injury they recieve within your property.

Online Quotation

  • Content Sum insured

The final sum of contents you require insured will effect the premium you will pay, the higher the sum insured the higher your premium. We can offer policies with premiums starting from just £75 which is one of the lowest prices you will find in the industry.

  • Location of the let property

The location of your property can obviously have an effect on the cost of your insurance policy, for example if your property is in an area which has a high crime rate then you may find it is more expensive to insure the contents of your let property.  

  • Tenant number and type

The type of tenant which occupies your property can effect the premium you pay, for instance a property let to 3 unrelated students may be more expensive than a property occupied by a professional family.

  •  Claims history

Landlord contents insurance is similar to motor insurance in th fact that your claims history can have an effect on the premium you pay, for example if you have a history of high claims then you may find that your premium is higher than a landlord that has never claimed.


Policy Excess 

We understand that a claim can be stressful enough without having to pay a large excess which is why as standard our policy excess is just £100 for any claim with the exception of subsidence which usually has a £1,000 excess.

Non Disclosure 

When arranging your contents insurance it is important to disclose any factor which may effect the quotation, these are known as material facts.